Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Orphan Summit

(I snuck away this past week-end to attend the Orphan Summit in Florida. It is an alliance of adoption, foster care, and orphan care activists and workers and parents combining voices for the cause of the fatherless. I am trying to unpack some of the information and blog it in order to remember....)

So there is no way I can recapture everything or really give you an accurate glimpse of the things God did in my heart and the things God is doing around the world on behalf of forgotten children...

But a few highlights--

Kay Warren spoke (or really wept her way through 45 minutes) about the responsibility of the Church. Her faith and evangelical Church had prepared her and she could teach lessons on how to find the best price on chicken breasts in town, how to lose those 10 extra pounds, how to decorate a table, and even have a family devotion. But what her faith did not prepare her for was meeting a woman dying of AIDS living under a tree whose only cry was "Who is going to take care of my children when I die?" As the wife of the most recognizable pastor in America, she was not prepared. And she can almost guarantee 98% of her church body was not either.

Does your church have an answer to that woman's question? I hear that over and over in my head these days. "Does your church have an answer for that?"

143 Million orphans in the world. What is the Church going to do about that?

(I can only blog for 5 minutes at a time these days. I'll be back later with the other reminders and challenges that haunt me....)

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