Monday, May 19, 2008

i hate ferris wheels.

I hate ferris wheels.

I don’t know. They are just not good on my stomach.

I have forced myself a couple times to ride them with the boys. And every time, I just try and concentrate and count until it is over and I can get off! It is just the most uncomfortable feeling.

The going up. The coming down. The constant motion.

Every now and then, it would stop to let someone off. I would take a deep breath each time it stopped. Trying to gather myself until it started moving again. It would start moving again. And I would squeeze the hands of whoever was sitting next to me. And then just hope that we would be the next one to get off.

That’s kind of how I feel tonight.

Like I’m on top of the ferris wheel. It stopped for a second (the week-end). And I caught my breath. But I know that the only way to get off is to keep going around. So I am gearing up for the wheel to start moving again.

Monday comes in the morning. Africa works all night tonight.

Here we go….

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