Monday, May 19, 2008

full circle.

Looks like we are going to do a full circle again today.

No word from Dakar.

Our agency has emailed them and asked for an update.

We won’t hear anything about that until tomorrow or Wednesday at the earliest.

Ugh. It’s the knotted stomach that I just can’t shake.

I’ve read that when you feel poor or out of control of your life–you should clean your car. I’ve found in the past that it actually kind of helps.
So today we are deep cleaning our cars.
Good times.


HollyAnn said...

Oh stink! I was so hoping I was going to open your blog and find a different post! One day at a time sweet friend, one day at a time! Isn't crazy how the closer it gets the harder it is to wait? You would think that would not be true...but it just seems to be that way! Praying for good news tomorrow! Love, HollyAnn

Sara said...

Hang in there. Prayers are with you all over the world :)

Meme said...

A dear friend of mine bought one of your Africa bags for me. I have a long standing heart for Tanzania and as said in her letter to me i NEEDED this bag. See, our story starts with my sisters hert for adoption. She recently adopted her daughter Mei from China. They brought her home in January. My friend also has a heart for adoption so I sent her to my sisters blog. She started watching adoption blogs and found yours! AND NOW I will be watching and fervently praying for Zeke and Kora. If you don't mind I will be adding you to our blog and asking others to pray as well. The Lord is faithful. He is working strings of love all the way from Colorado and Lousiana! After watching my sister go through her adoption, I see that the silence of waiting is the most difficult part. We pray for noise!

Natalie said...

Hey, I just read some good news. If cleaning the car can do this... I know what I am doing today!