Wednesday, May 7, 2008

from my breakouts.

I hesitate to even try and sum up what I learned. But I will attempt to articulate a couple thoughts that I took from my breakout sessions.

I went to 2 breakouts that were specifically addressing the needs, issues, and support of adoptive families.

The first was taught by Karyn Purvis whose book, "The Connected Child," has been sitting on my night stand. I have read it. But I didn't 'get' it until I saw her explain and demonstrate the principles. She is a scientist. A research Ph.D. who is the director of an Institute for Child Development. She's a smart lady. She tried to explain to us what happens in a child's brain when they experience harm or great loss in the beginning of their life. There is science that can clearly show that things change in the body when that happens.

But what struck me was the tears that would well up in her eyes as she talked about 'science.' Coming from a clinical and research background, it was her passion that captivated me. She so longed to train parents how to connect with a child whose brain has been altered by no fault of their own.

It was fascinating. Slightly overwhelming. But hopeful as well.

It certainly prepared me to bunker down for a couple months of hard work when Zeke and Kora first come home.

I wanted to hug her.

I didn't.

But I wanted to.

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