Wednesday, May 7, 2008

breakout 2

Breakout two was taught Mark Gregston who runs a ministry and intensive therapy camp for troubled teens.

Honestly, I walked in the room and wanted to sneak out the back. I just kind of had a feeling he was going to scare me.

And I think that was his point. That's what he wanted to do.

The thing I hear him saying is, "If you are an adoptive parent and you think you are going to get through this thing without some sort of intense suffering, you are a fool."

But rather than making me question everything, it actually was comforting to me.

Because unlike much of Christianity today, we need to understand that God's aim is not a conflict-free home. A suffering-free life was never in His plan.

So rather than shrink from it or be shocked by it, we just need to be prepared. Prepared to embrace suffering if we have to. Prepare to enter into our child's pain and have conflict with our child.

Just because it's hard and the children struggle does NOT mean God's fingerprints are not ALL over it. He calls parents to times like these.

He encouraged us to talk about the hard stuff. Help others embrace it. And don't freak out. (my paraphrase). :-)

I didn't really want to hug him as much.

I did want to say "Thank You" and "I hope I don't ever have to send any of my children to your camp." :-)

But I know it's a possibility....

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