Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So apparently our agency does not only email first thing in the morning.

I got an email at about 2 today that said they had gotten word from Dakar that they have 'strong hope' that the Visas will ready within 2 weeks.

2 weeks and we could have clearance to GO!

But nothing is definite.

Andy and I were both very cautious in our excitement.

This is the first we have heard in months. I was smiling. But I would not allow myself to freak out yet.

So I made a couple calls to some friends who I knew would scream.

They did not disappoint.

And they got excited enough to cover my caution.

It was nice.

Andy says he won't relax with jubilee until we are on the plane with them in US air space.

This is progress, folks.

Please keep praying for the action that will happening over in SL in the next couple weeks.


Sara said...

My prayers are with you all! I know that those two precious kids can't wait to be with their family.

steffany said...

screaming for you.