Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So apparently our agency does not only email first thing in the morning.

I got an email at about 2 today that said they had gotten word from Dakar that they have 'strong hope' that the Visas will ready within 2 weeks.

2 weeks and we could have clearance to GO!

But nothing is definite.

Andy and I were both very cautious in our excitement.

This is the first we have heard in months. I was smiling. But I would not allow myself to freak out yet.

So I made a couple calls to some friends who I knew would scream.

They did not disappoint.

And they got excited enough to cover my caution.

It was nice.

Andy says he won't relax with jubilee until we are on the plane with them in US air space.

This is progress, folks.

Please keep praying for the action that will happening over in SL in the next couple weeks.

it's a sick game.

Each week day morning I get a little excited.

Because I know it is possible that we could hear something.

I know my agency gets to work at 8 am Colorado time.

I know she is checking her email first thing for word from the Embassy.

If by 8:10 (9:10 our time) I have not heard anything--it means I probably won't hear anything that day.

So by 9:10, I get a wave of saddness.

Another day with no news.

Our agency worker said I was doing a good job being patient.

How nice...
....and how disillusioned of her.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

he's ready for us to pick him up.

Photo taken by the first traveling family.

Doesn't he look like he is ready for us...ready for anyone to pick him up?

Monday, April 21, 2008

their room.

Something is not quite right about it, but I'm not sure what it is.

I'll stare at it while I wait and figure out what is it. Or one of you can tell me I'm sure.

In general, I like it.

It's ready for them.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

in my dreams.

So there has been some talk about Kora and her pink car seat.

It's waiting for her in the closet.

Was given to us at the shower...after being told that a girl in a family with 5 brothers must have a pink car seat.

So it waits.

Our sweet niece and cousin, Adessa, is coming to visit next week.

I'm quite certain Kora would want to share.

So Adessa is going to borrow Kora's car seat for a couple days.

My thoughtful and kind (and quite handy with photoshop) sister-in-law was afraid putting Adessa in the car seat first would mess with the dreams I have of Kora in it.

So to head that off, she sent me this. Kora in her pink car seat. :-)

thank you, Randie.

I can see it even more clearly.

Feels almost close enough to touch.

We're getting close. We have to be getting close...